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As you probably can tell this blog is going to be about my adventures in setting up network connectivity to the IPv6 World.  As some of you know this technology is going to eventually replace the current IPv4 system as these IP address will quickly be depleted.  I contacted my ISP, Cox Communications yesterday to see if they have any plans to deploy this across their network and I was informed that as long as IPv4 is working they are not even going to experiment with IPv6.  I am not sure if the person I spoke with is severely misinformed, but if this happens to be the case Cox should really learn they need to stay up with current technology.

Since I do not have access to native IPv6, I am going to use a tunnel broker.  I have elected to go with SIXXS, but there are many others out there.  Just do a google search,  remember google is your friend (Even if they still your wifi data) Thus far I have configured my tunnel on Fedora Core 13.  I plan over the next week to implement IPv6 on my home network.  I need to get a /48 subnet and in order to do that my tunnel has to be up for about a week.  So why I am waiting for the subnet I plan on implementing a dns server, mail server and various other network systems.

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